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Caring for the Sea that Unites Us: Caravia Beach Clean up 2020

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

The covid_19 pandemic may have caused many delays and setbacks during this summer but here at Caravia Beach Hotel we never forget our commitment to the environment.

This year albeit on a smaller scale our annual beach cleanup was organized with the help of our amazing animation team and guests.

Distances were kept and masks were worn, but this didn’t dissuade our high spirits and our promise to take care of our beach.

Next year, we hope that these difficult times will be behind and that we can organize a larger beach clean up with even more of our guests contributing.

The importance of beaches doesn’t need any introduction here nor does the necessity of caring for them. Litter on the beach initially destroys the aesthetics of the landscape while gradually entering the marine ecosystem, causing significant problems in the environment and marine organisms. Indicatively, every year more than 100,000 turtles and marine mammals such as dolphins and whales and more than 1 million birds die. In fact, through their transfer to the food chain, thus waste residues end up on our plate !! Cleaning a beach is easy, valuable and can be a lot of fun!!! Ask us and we will help you every step of the way.

The Caravia Beach Hotel beach cleanup started 6 years ago with the participation of volunteers with the goal to reduce waste that ends up in the seas and raise awareness for all involved.

Cleaning a beach is easy, valuable and can be a lot of fun !!!



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