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The Ultimate Packing List for your holiday at Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows

Packing for your summer vacation made easy

Tickets have been booked since Christmas and before you know it, you are just days away from your summer vacation. You are so excited and full of anticipation and all of a sudden it dawns on you: the moment every traveler dreads: packing! That necessary evil you have to get passed in order to be able to enjoy your holiday.

At Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows, we like to be able to assist our guests even in this department, in order for them to have a hassle free and relaxed vacation.

Thus, we have come up with some suggestions, so that you don’t lose your excitement and gain some precious time.

  • Shorts: 2-3 comfortable pairs of shorts for wearing down to the beach or walking around town. Tank tops: 3 tops to mix and match with your shorts.

  • Casual dresses: 1-2 dresses, depending upon whether you prefer wearing dresses or shorts you might take more dresses and less shorts or vice versa. A more formal dress for dinner in the Caravia Beach Hotel Apellis Restaurant or Mάina Gastro Bar

  • A pair of trousers for colder nights. These are important especially for the gents, as there is a smart casual dress code for dinner in the Apellis Restaurant & Mάina Gastro Bar

  • A light jacket in case it gets a bit windy especially at nights. 3 in 1 jackets are perfect as they keep you warm and protect you from the rain too

  • Swimsuit: Bring along 2 pieces at least so one can dry while you wear the other.

  • A hat and sunscreen: these are a must to protect yourself from the sun

  • Sunglasses: for the same reason as above

  • Chargers, as well as a transformer, if necessary (if you come from Britain, Cyprus, etc.)

  • Your smile and positive vibes so that you enjoy every single moment of your well deserved vacation!

And last but not least: try to get the right size of baggage as pointed out by the airlines because this will avoid a lot of hassle during check in and will get your holiday started on the right foot so that you can relax and enjoy every single moment at Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows!



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