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A New Decade, a New You!

Family Holidays – Bond & Reconnect

Reality can be so tedious and time consuming that it does not allow us adequate time to spend with our loved ones. A holiday provides us with quality time in a tranquil setting where you can relax and enjoy your loved ones, away from the anxieties of your daily routine.

Discovering new places and cultures help you become even closer. A getaway to a destination like Kos will allow you to learn about the island of the Father of Medicine,

Image P. Franke

Hippocrates, spend time on the golden beaches, tour the monuments, horseback riding in the golden fields of Marmari and enjoy the nightlife that Kos island has to offer, all this while spending time together with your loved ones.

You can also take advantage of your holidays and take days trips to smaller neighboring islands like Kalymnos, Nisyros, Leros or even cross the border and visit Bodrum, where the entire family can have fun exploring the history and sites of these unique places!

Live your own adventure

Walking or doing exercise amidst nature is one of the healthiest

activities that you can do. Contact with the seas, the sand, hiking trails

will offer you a stimuli that will allow you to forget about day to day routines and help you feel replenished and calm.

Walking in an by the Salt Lake, plunging into the idyllic Marmari Beach, kitesurfing

Or windsurfing to discover the beauty of the Aegean Sea and sightseeing in the Ascpeleio Monuments are adventures that will make you feel part of these authentic locations.

Travel Responsibly

Minimizing the negative impact on the environment, economy, society and

culture is not something that can go on “vacation”. Holiday destinations have severe impact from tourism. Thus minimizing the side effects is the main aim of *responsible tourism*.

Add your own contribution by taking part in Caravia Beach’s initiatives, such as

minimizing the effects of pollution, choosing a sustainable hotel,

backing the local economy of your destination by choosing products and

services from the area.

Healthy Eating can also be full of flavor

How would you feel if you could take your New Years resolution for a healthier diet with you on vacation?

Reduce sugar, salt, carbs, fried and saturated food consumption in your diet.

Eat more fruit and veg, vegetable protein, grass-fed meat and a

variety of grains and flour. Caravia Beach Hotel respect’s seasonality and uses locally sourced produce for the meals prepared daily both in the Main Restaurant and Maina Gastro Bar.

Feel Alive and Active

Caravia Beach Hotel invites you to practice activities such as yoga,

water aerobics or water polo, among other fun activities,

waking your senses with dance classes and different workshops, as well

as discovering new sensations through relaxation and self-care.

You will learn to listen to your body and, overall, to connect with your

better-self and your surroundings!tart the New Year with positive vibes and make each moment count


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