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Caravia Beach Hotel is most Popular hotel in Kos

FVW has released the TrevoTrend report, which provides the overview of hotel searches for the last week of August 2020, compared to the same period last year. The information is based on million inquiries and searches for reservations in travel agencies, which are evaluated by TrevoTrend.

Greece is first in bookings for 1 in 3 German residents with Kos, Rhodes and Crete among their top destinations.

The top 10 of the most popular hotels for reservations last week included 9 Greek hotels with Caravia Beach Hotel being the number one hotel in Kos in bookings.

This is an amazing distinction for Caravia Beach Hotel & #teamcaravia who, this year due to the Covid_19 circumstances, have placed as their number one priority, the health and safety of their guests and colleagues. With their strong dedication and will, they work tirelessly 24/7 to implement all the adjustments to the health protection protocols that we have all been called to adapt to during these trying times.

We would also like to thank our guests for trusting us with their holidays and making our hotel a part of their memories.

Source: Tornos News



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