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Marmari Beach 03.10.1943

For most Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows is a haven of tranquility and peaceful vacations soaking up the sun while swimming in the Blue Flag awarded waters.

What most of you do not know however, is that Marmari beach, not so long ago, was quite the opposite as it was a stage of one of the many violent battles that took place during WWII, giving this now idyllic beach small corner in the wartime history.

Towards the end of WWII, in 1943, and after the capitulation of Italy which at the time was occupying the islands, the Nazi recaptured Kos. .

At 04.30 hours on 3 October the invasion of Kos began, under the code name Wolfpack Eisbär (Polar Bear). By mid-day, 1,200 Germans, well-armed with light artillery and armoured cars, were ashore and in action. Dive-bombing by Junker 87s added to the difficulties of the defence, and in the afternoon Antimachia was overrun. The main German convoy, which had been attacked from air was estimated to have consisted of seven transports, seven landing craft, three destroyers and numerous caiques (fishing craft) and other small craft. The principal landings took place at Marmari and Tingachi (in the north central part of the island) and at Camare Bay (south-west) with subsidiary landings at Forbici and Capo Foco (on the north-east and south-east tips of the island).

More specifically the German landing craft F-131 named Cavalla which participated in the operation of the Nazis against the Italians and the British forces on the coast of Caravia on 3/10/43 and was torpedoed on 20/10/1943.

Remains of the landing craft F131, that was 47 m long, can still be found in the sea off the coast of Marmari.

After more than five decades it now safe to say that enemies of the past are

today’s partners within the EU and NATO allies enabling us all to enjoy and salvage the beauty and peaceful dividends of the past on the white sandy beach Marmari

For more details on operation Eisbär please see the sources below.


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