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How to host a digital dinner party

Top tips on how to get together with your friends in the age of social_distancing

Normally Fridays are meant for drinks and / or dinner dates with friends. However, now in this time of forced social distancing and home confinement, such fun is out of the question. or is it? Thanks to technology practicing the #together_apart rule is easier than ever.

How? well you can try hosting a digital dinner party with your friends. Read on to find out how.

1. Invites

Make a group of your closest friends and pop them a question along the lines “what’s on the menu this evening?” if you have tripods and all you can also do the cooking together, albeit virtually.

2. Theme

Set the theme: it might be a three course meal, a budget meal or even a country specific meal i.e Greek food and see who does the best version of it!

In the planning stage of the event make a list of all the favorite foods you enjoy eating so that you can plan accordingly during your next shopping trip

3. Dress Code

why not dress up for the event? Or at least go about it like you would if you were normally going out. Do up your hair, wear something that is along the lines of smart casual, attend to your make up. Not only will it add to the get together but it will help your mood a lot

4. If cooking isn’t your thing

If you don’t enjoy cooking, you could have a virtual drinks party [ take it easy with the alcohol in take though] and share your thoughts with your friends.

It’s a fun thing to look forward to and touch base with your friends.

5. Play games

During both activities, you can play fun games like a drink quiz if your group is large enough. Each team will write a round of questions ( from categories like geography, jokes, memes, music, films and sport) and you can have some fun!

This could turn out so good that you could put on schedule every Friday night. Who says lock down has to be boring..

Have a great Friday night with those you love #together albeit #apart and stay tuned for more tips and ideas for life in quarantine, #stay_home #stay_safe #stay_strong



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